100/100 Pagespeed Insights. Web Performance Optimization Service
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100/100 Pagespeed Insights. Web Performance Optimization Service

We decide to launch our Web Performance Optimization Service to obtain 100/100 in Google Page Speed, sometimes you don't need/want this result, but we can reduce significantly your website load time, we can develop an entire project for you or only improve your results in your existing project, maybe we can improve your website load time, 10 or 20 times, it depends on what do you need.

Keep it simple

I have a Porsche, if VW who owns Porsche and Bugatti, offer me that I can obtain the same performance of a Bugatti with a little improve in the price, of course, I'm going to accept, this scenario can't happen with automobiles, but we can help you to obtain this kind of results with your website, if your website loads in 5 or 8 seconds, maybe we can improve your results to 1 second, it depends on what do you want to obtain.

Why do you need Web Performance Optimization?

A little technical approach

Web Performance Optimization is more about strategy than coding, coding is easy, but we have to do a strategy to obtain the better results in every part of the project, for example, we can maintain retrocompatibility (Internet Explorer 6) or only support modern browsers, this is an important issue in the United States, there are millions of computers using IE6, they are potential consumers, but this is an example of one part of the strategy, a lot of developers, prefer don't maintain retrocompatibility, in fact, this website, have no retrocompatibility, because we are focused on New York, but if you want to support old browsers, we can do this for you, is simple and easy for us, but when we only participate in some optimization task, and not in the whole project, some customers prefer don't support old browsers.

So, what's the difference?

If you don't support old browsers you will lose a little portion of market, maybe 1% in IE6, maybe 3% in IE on windows XP, it depends on some factors, you have to decide what do you want, for example, improve User Experience to 97% of your public or support 3% of your visits, another example, this website loads in 76 milliseconds, it depends on your connection, but you can perceive it loads instantly, because the human eye can't see a change under 100ms, this website have been made intentionally without retrocompatibility to show the potential of develop supporting only modern browsers, we are the first company that have been developed entire platforms that load instantly (under 100 milliseconds), and this is not AMP pages, AMP pages are soo slow... about retrocompatibility, this website can support it, but maybe it's load time could be slowly, maybe 200 or 300 milliseconds, you have to evaluate what do you prefer, if you need a better example, Google supports old browsers, but GMAIL don't.

In fact, all our websites with or without retrocompatibility, loads in less than a second, sounds fast, but users starts to feel frustration after 400 milliseconds, most of our websites loads in less than 400ms, but we develop a strategy based on what do you need, if you need a lot of videos or whatever you want, we can improve your website performance.

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