Kpavio by Ruben Pamies
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Kpavio by Ruben Pamies

Astonishing masterpieces by Ruben Pamies:

Eyes of Time

A nineteenth century skull made by the Maison Tramond of Paris is the point of departure for this creation from the Kpavio by Ruben collection. It is collector's piece in itself which unites the symbolism of the human skull with countersunk watch movements, creating a unique piece of art which transports the viewer into the creative world of the artist and his constant reflection on the transience of time.

The eye sockets of the original skull took on a very powerful visual quality without the jaw and teeth. So Ruben decided to give them maximum prominence. But on this occasion he chose to partially cover the skull with watch movements, only placing them inside and along the contour of the eye orbits, creating a sensational contrast between the original skull, which transmits the transience of time, and the constant human reflection on this represented by the watch movements of the prestigious gardetemps.

It is precisely this juxtapositioning of humanity and technology which gives the skull its unprecedented look, the artist's introspective reflection of the view of the complexity of the real situation, while also making it a fascinating work of art intend to invite the viewer to serenely contemplate the concept of time and the future that awaits us.

Hocus Pocus

The phrase, of uncertain origins, is used today in certain cultures when a magic trick is performed. It is a term with a very suggestive meaning, which is used to represent the fascination and charm which result from contemplating the universe, and, at the same time, the great number of unknowns it still holds. To reinforce this concept the artist chose to hide a small element inside the piece, so when it is shaken it makes a pleasant, yet somewhat enigmatic and mysterious sound which alludes to the fact that, despite its immense attraction, for humankind the celestial vault is still a majestic stage full of questions.

A subtle final detail serves to remind us that, at the end of the day, we are insignificant beings living on a tiny planet in a small solar system in an infinite universe.

Who has never felt the attraction of the fascinating play of light and shadow of the celestial sphere on a beautiful evening? With this as his foundation, the artist conceived his latest sculptural project. Starting with a moulded skull with the upper teeth) the work of a master goldsmith (the artist applied two layers of high-quality metallic paint, giving the piece an electric blue finish which conveys the brilliance and grandeur of the firmaments. To complete the piece, he carefully selected watchmaking wheels made of various materials and arranged these on the skull to symbolise the stars and planets traversing the cosmos, the universe that surrounds us. For the final touch he decided to embed a piece of a watch movement in the shape of a moon in tribute to one of the celestial bodies which served our ancestors as primitive timekeepers, and, like skulls, to reflect on concepts such as destiny, spirituality, life and death.

The artist

Ruben Pamies Sole | Reus, 1965

Without a doubt, Reus has been home for some very illustrious figures. It was precisely in this setting of artists and creativity where Ruben began his training at an early age. Influenced by his immediate environment he soon became very prolific, creating works notable for their creative dimension.

A life-changing experience

In his youth, an unforgettable experience led to an in-depth examination of questions of an existential nature. Being close to death led him to deeply question some of his paradigms, especially the value of time and life.

The world of fine watchmaking

We don't know if his relationship to time and its value is what led him to take an interest in the world of fine watchmaking, but he did become the founder of the first watch collectors association, Pamies Collectors.

For over twenty five years he has been immersed in this prestigious sector and has gained recognition far beyond our borders.

The birth of Kpavio

Today, he continues to be immersed in the artistic processes, always pursuing creation. With Kpavio he continues to imagine, to create, to seek answers to the question that have intrigued him so many years, what is the value of time and life?

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